Health and Wellbeing innovation centre

Digital Display Design

Display System Design 

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre is one of 3 ‘business acceleration facilities’ throughout Cornwall focussing on nurturing and supporting local talent and ideas to help improve the Cornish business sector.

Their requirement was for 2 digital displays, working from a singular management system that would allow them to provide information to visitors and clients. The first was a Point of Transit (PoT) screen placed just inside the front door, the second a Point of Wait (PoW) screen situated in a seated waiting area. The PoT screen required simple and short information bites that were accessible and attention grabbing (welcome messages, event instructions/directions, reminders, etc), whereas the PoW screen could hold more information as the user would have more time to read it (news, case studies, client information,etc).

Early Concept Design
Welcome Splash Screen
PoW - Messages with Feed
PoT - Quick reminders
PoT and PoW - Upcoming Events Cycle
PoT - Client Info
PoW - Client Info with Feed
PoT and PoW - Weather Forecast
PoT and PoW - Alert Screen
PoW - Innovation Centres Overview
PoW - Case Studies
PoT and PoW - Join the Conversation